Build high-performance quantum computers with confidence. Contralto-D offers up to 21 fully connected and 4 isolated qubits. With partial cryogenic pre-characterisation, expert support, double magnetic shielding and high-density cables, Contralto-D is the most reliable quantum processor for industry-scale quantum computers. Whether it's a demonstration of NISQ algorithms or the latest error correction schemes: Contralto-D gives you the power to perform your experiments at scale.

greatly improved performance, FULLY-CONTROLLABLE QUBITS

Contralto-D offers up to 21 interconnected, fully-controllable superconducting transmon qubits with state-of-the-art performance.
39 μs T1 coherence*
Dedicated drive and flux lines for each qubit
QuantWare’s Hamiltonian parameter design
Up to four additional, fixed-frequency isolated qubits for benchmarking
*in reference setup, guaranteed value of 10 μs. For full performance, download the spec sheet

reliable quantum hardware, easy to set up

Off-the-shelf quantum hardware, ready to be implemented in your setup. Lift your readout to the next level by combining your Contralto-D with Crescendo-S, allowing you to reach readout fidelities of 97.5%.
Delivered fully packaged
High-density cabling with Ardent connectors*
Pre-delivery cryogenic characterisation* (incl. T1, T2R, T2e, qubit and resonator frequencies)
Expert support and documentation on installation and optimal use
* cables purchased separately


Starting at 300k Euro, Contralto-D is the hardware solution that allows you to build state of the art quantum computers at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.
Available in three models
Magnetic shielding available as option
Combined Crescendo-S solution on offer
17 interconnected and fully controllable qubits

Up to 4 isolated qubits
19 interconnected and fully controllable qubits

Up to 4 isolated qubits
21 interconnected and fully controllable qubits

Up to 4 isolated qubits

Setup requirements:

For optimal operation, each qubit will require a DC source and AWG for flux biasing, RF AWG for driving and RF readout module for the readout. Readout is optimised in combination with a Crescendo-S TWPA for each of the four feedlines.
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