Foundry Services

Your designs, made by the best in the quantum hardware business.

Take your quantum circuits to the next level with QuantWare’s Foundry Services.

From resonators and junctions to fully assembled QPU’s, we’ve got you covered.

quantum computing foundry service

Market Leading technology

QuantWare makes the best-in-industry fabrication technology available to third parties at affordable pricing.

Turn your design into reality with ease. With full support for Qiskit Metal, making your own QPU becomes as simple as uploading a design.

Our standard fabrication process includes a base superconductor patterning, manhattan AlOx Josephson junctions with Ic ranging between 1nA and 5mA, AirBridges and dicing. Material and design restrictions may apply (see below).

Turn your research into reality fast


4" wafers

High-resistivity silicon wafers

IBM Qiskit Metal support

Opening up fabrication capabilities to the open-source community

Industry standard FAB

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