Now improved: Soprano-D is designed to reduce the time and costs associated with building your own quantum computer. With better performance, lead times of 90 days or less, expert support and full cryogenic characterisation, Soprano-D allows you to meet the most stringent deadlines with confidence. It contains fully-controllable superconducting transmon qubits, offering high speed and low error operations. Contact us and start building your own quantum computer now.

greatly improved performance, FULLY-CONTROLLABLE QUBITS

Soprano-D offers up to five interconnected, fully-controllable superconducting transmon qubits with state-of-the-art performance.
60 μs average T1 coherence*
Dedicated drive and flux lines for each qubit
QuantWare’s Hamiltonian parameter design
Up to two additional, fixed-frequency, isolated qubits for benchmarking
*in reference setup, guaranteed value of 10 μs. For full performance, download the spec sheet

reliable hardware, easy to use

Off-the-shelf quantum hardware, ready to be implemented in your setup. Lift your readout to the next level by combining your Soprano-D with Crescendo-S, allowing you to reach readout fidelities up to 97.5%.
Delivered fully packaged and SMP-connectorised
Pre-delivery cryogenic characterisation (incl. T1, T2R, T2e, qubit and resonator frequencies)
Expert support and documentation on installation and optimal use
Combined Crescendo-S solution on offer

performance tailored to your needs

Starting at 60k Euro, Soprano-D is the quickest and most reliable path to building your own quantum computer.
Available in two models
Magnetic shielding available as option
Fast procurement with 90 days lead time
4 interconnected and fully controllable qubits
5 interconnected and fully controllable qubits
Up to 2 isolated qubits for benchmarking
Up to 2 isolated qubits for benchmarking

Setup requirements:

For optimal operation, you will require DC sources and AWGs for flux-biasing each qubit, RF AWGs for driving each qubit and four RF readout modules for the readout. Readout is optimised in combination with Crescendo-S.
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