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QuantWare launches Crescendo for state-of-the-art qubit readout

Company updates
Quantware and QuantrolOx partnership

Introducing our Travelling Wave Parametric Amplifier (TWPA)

7 February 2023, DELFT, NETHERLANDS - QuantWare is officially launching its long-awaited Travelling Wave Parametric Amplifier (TWPA), Crescendo. Crescendo offers customers ultra low-noise cryogenic amplification. With this product, QuantWare will deliver unprecedented performance alongside amplification-band customizability at an industrial scale. 

Enabling multiplexed qubits readouts

TWPAs offer a unique combination of high gain and a large bandwidth, reaching nearly two orders of magnitude larger bandwidth and dynamic range than cryogenic alternatives. This makes them ideal for multiplexed readout of qubits, which is a necessary requirement for large-scale quantum computers to overcome increasing wiring complexity. 

Previously only available to select companies and research institutions, TWPAs were long a highly sought-after component in quantum computers, with researchers often having to settle on less suitable amplifiers. By making TWPAs available in high volumes, QuantWare will unlock these amplifiers for the entire field. 

“We are investing into expanding our capacity to deliver parametric amplifiers at industrial scale”. “They are an essential part of large quantum computers. Whilst our QPUs and Crescendo are designed to work together optimally, Crescendo will enhance the readout of all superconducting quantum computers.”

Matthijs Rijlaarsdam, Co-Founder and CEO of QuantWare.

About QuantWare

QuantWare is a TU Delft/QuTech spin-out that develops, designs, and fabricates scalable superconducting quantum processors. QuantWare is the first quantum computing company in the world that sells these amplifiers to third parties. This allows the company’s customers to build full stack Open-Architecture Quantum Computers for 1/10th the cost of competing solutions. These are systems that are built using the components of various suppliers, much like today’s computers. QuantWare develops technology that will massively scale the number of qubits in a single processor, to create processors that can perform useful quantum computation in the near term. Be sure to go to our product page to find out more about our quantum hardware.