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Delft Quantum Startups QphoX and QuantWare announce partnership to develop networked Quantum Processors

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Quantware and QuantrolOx partnership

QphoX and QuantWare join forces

May 31, 2022, Delft, The Netherlands – QphoX, developer of the world’s first microwave to optical quantum modem, and QuantWare, a leading provider of superconducting quantum processors, have joined forces on a collaboration to build a new quantum interface to enable more efficient and scalable means for networking superconducting quantum processors.

Scaling quantum computing

Traditionally, optical and superconducting quantum information processing technologies have been separated. However, both companies believe that photonically linked quantum processors are essential to scaling quantum computing. The first step in achieving this is developing a compatible and efficient interface between the processor and a frequency converter, which will be the focus of the collaboration.

The networking of classical computers was a paradigm shift in information processing, and led to the creation of the modern day internet. In the same way, QuantWare and QphoX believe that the advent of networkable quantum computers will lead to a paradigm shift in the Quantum Computing space. With this collaboration, the companies aim to take a first step towards hardware for network-ready quantum computers.

This summer both companies will move into the newly established House of Quantum, a new facility located in Delft dedicated to the development of quantum technologies. The companies believe that this close proximity will allow for fast design feedback and accelerated development.

"This collaboration will allow the quantum internet to move away from university labs and into the real world". "It will help us to mature the technology that will enable quantum computers to scale to a size where interesting applications are possible".

Simon Groeblacher, CEO of QphoX. ‘

"The potential to connect our Quantum Processors with each other through a network will open a whole array of new possibilities for our customers". "It is a first step towards networkable quantum computers built using off the shelf component".

Matthijs Rijlaarsdam, CEO of QuantWare. ‘

About QuantWare

QuantWare is a TU Delft / QuTech spin-out that develops, designs and fabricates scalable superconducting quantum processors. By supplying these processors to others, QuantWare allows others to build a quantum computer for 1/10th the cost of competing solutions. The company develops technology that will massively scale the number of qubits in a single processor, to create processors that can perform useful quantum computation in the near term. The company is based in Delft, the Netherlands. Be sure to go to our product page to find out more about our quantum hardware.

About QphoX

QphoX is a quantum transduction company that is building the world's first Quantum Modem™ to connect quantum computers across a quantum network. Their technology will help solve the biggest scaling challenges facing the industry and eventually form the backbone of the future quantum internet. This company is aslso based in Delft, the Netherlands.