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QuantWare and QuantrolOx join forces to speed up and automate the tune-up of quantum computers

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Quantware and QuantrolOx partnership

Accelerate superconducting quantum computing

August 31, 2023 - Espoo, Finland / Delft, the Netherlands - QuantrolOx, a pioneer in the automation of quantum computers, has demonstrated the use of Quantum Edge for easy and fully automated tune-ups on a QuantWare Soprano QPU, thereby empowering budding quantum organisations to develop their own capabilities in quantum technologies more rapidly.

QuantWare, the leading provider of superconducting quantum processors, recently announced its partnership with QuantrolOx. By combining QuantrolOx’s software with a QuantWare processor, the two companies are lowering the barrier of entry to build a quantum computer, thereby democratising quantum technology development and accelerating the path to practical quantum computers.

By making quantum processors commercially available, QuantWare has created a completely new market segment where organisations with no chipmaking capabilities can build open-architecture quantum computers. By offering off-the-shelf QPUs and TWPAs, QuantWare lowers the costs of building quantum computers an order of magnitude.

By combining QuantrolOx software with the off-the-shelf QPUs and TWPAs of QuantWare, a new level of out-of-the-box readiness is brought to their customers, enabling them to extract the maximum value out of their setups.

Quantum Edge reduces the time for fundamental experiments such as resonator and qubit spectroscopy to mere seconds. Complex operations like randomised benchmarking become a breeze. This enables QuantWare customers to get into the correct operating window in a matter of days and then keeps them there. This means organisations don’t need to spend time doing tune-ups and can focus fully on extracting value out of their quantum computers.

About QuantrolOx

QuantrolOx develops software to automate quantum computers. We envision a world where every quantum computer will be fully automated, enabling quantum scientists to spend less time tuning qubits and more time advancing quantum computing, thereby accelerating the path to practical quantum computers.

QuantrolOx Quantum Edge integrates with major quantum hardware providers by building on open-architecture principles, allowing organisations to select the best components for their quantum systems. Find out more on the website of QuantrolOx.

About QuantWare

QuantWare is the leading supplier of quantum processors. QuantWare is striving to become the 'Intel of quantum computing', providing increasingly powerful and affordable quantum processors to organizations around the world and enabling them to build quantum computers for 1/10th the cost of competing solutions. Committed to an open architecture approach, QuantWare develops technology that will massively scale the number of qubits in a single processor, to create processors that can perform useful quantum computation in the near term.