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Zurich Instruments and QuantWare Provide Out-of-the-box Qubit Readout

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Zurich Instruments and QuantWare Provide Out-of-the-box Qubit Readout

April 24th, 2024 - Zurich, Switzerland / Delft, The Netherlands

Zurich Instruments, leading quantum control system provider, and QuantWare, the leading supplier of superconducting quantum devices, combine their expertise to provide out-of-the-box tuning of the full qubit readout chain, addressing the challenges of high-fidelity qubit readout. This plan will make quantum computing technology more accessible and accelerate the progress towards practical quantum computing.

An out-of-the-box readout solution for tuning the full qubit readout chain is provided by an integration of Crescendo-S, QuantWare’s travelling-wave parametric amplifier (TWPA), made for readout at scale, with controller and readout electronics from Zurich Instruments. With this integrated offering, users will be able to achieve quantum-limited readout performance in the fastest possible way. 

QuantWare’s Crescendo-S offers outstanding multi-qubit readout capability, low noise, and scaling-ready form factor. Its control signal requirements are optimally served by the Zurich Instruments SHFPPC Parametric Pump Controller. This one-of-its-kind instrument covers all signal generation and processing for parametric amplification and it is controlled by the LabOne Q software. LabOne Q features a platform for amplifier and readout calibration procedures, maximizing readout fidelity for the user. 

Additionally, Zurich Instruments and QuantWare are investigating ways to further improve the off-the-shelf compatibility of QuantWare's QPUs with Zurich Instruments' Quantum Computing Control Systems (QCCS).

“It is our mission to make building large-scale quantum computers much easier and simpler ”, said Matthijs Rijlaarsdam, CEO of QuantWare. “Combining Crescendo-S with Zurich Instruments’ parametric pump controller will make achieving great qubit readout inherently easier - another step towards making the state-of-the-art achievable by anyone!”

“For accelerating the progress towards practical quantum computing, it is essential that we electronics providers talk early with chip manufacturers and design our products in close collaboration. We are excited to work with some of the leading minds in the field at QuantWare on this project.”, says Moritz Kirste, Head of Business Development Quantum Technologies at Zurich Instruments.

About QuantWare

QuantWare is the leading supplier of quantum processors. QuantWare is striving to become the 'Intel of quantum computing', providing increasingly powerful and affordable quantum processors to organisations around the world and enabling them to build quantum computers for 1/10th the cost of competing solutions. Committed to an open architecture approach, QuantWare develops technology that will massively scale the number of qubits in a single processor, to create processors that can perform useful quantum computation in the near term.

About Zurich Instruments

Zurich Instruments is a Swiss company with a passion for phenomena that are often notoriously difficult to measure. We lead the change by developing cutting-edge hardware and software for quantum computing control systems, lock-in amplifiers, impedance analyzers, and arbitrary waveform generators. As a company of scientists for scientists, we tackle challenges of research by providing a wide product portfolio that reduces complexity of laboratory setups, unlocks new measurement strategies and complies to Swiss quality standards. Our commitment to collaborations and real-time support is reflected in seven offices worldwide, numerous research partnerships, and thousands of publications referring to Zurich Instruments. Since 2021, Zurich Instruments is a part of the Rohde & Schwarz and continues its sustainable growth to advance science and accelerate the second quantum revolution.