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QuantWare Part of Leading Scale-up Group Providing Sounding Board on Governmental Policy

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Quantware and QuantrolOx partnership

QuantWare’s CEO Matthijs Rijlaarsdam is part of a group of 10 CEOs of leading Dutch scale ups that mirror the 10 key technologies of the National Technology Strategy (NTS) set by the EZK, that are essential for the future Dutch economy.

Scale-ups are crucial in the development of these technologies. The group has the ambition to build at least one ASML-like company based in The Netherlands in each of the 10 key technologies by 2038 (height of Dutch aging population).

The CEOs act as a voice for Dutch scale-ups to provide a sounding board to government policy making with the aim to develop new sustainable industries to improve our economic competitiveness and secure our societal welfare. The group aims to represent broad inclusive technology categories for current and future scale-up generations to create new Dutch based industries with positive societal impact.

The scale-ups emphasise a need for:

1. Consistent policy: Scale-ups have a long growth journey that requires consistent policy to develop supportive ecosystems. It is imperative to embed the NTS in the Coalition Accord, give scale-ups a structural seat at the table of developing industry policy to secure long term policies that promote scale-up development.

2. Speed: Scale-ups need to go fast to overcome the period of more cost than revenues. We need a ‘fast lane’ for governmental approvals and priority access to public infrastructure.

3. Risk: Scale-ups take on a lot of risk that pay-out to society only much later. Government should share more in this risk by providing funding, stimulating scale-up products in public tenders and offering guarantees to allow scale-ups to compete with corporates.

Find out more about this initiative here.

See an article on this initiative here (in Dutch).

The 10 technologies and their representatives are:

1. Optics and integrated photonics:

·   SMART Photonics 

·   Johan Feenstra

2. Quantum:

·   QuantWare

·   Matthijs Rijlaarsdam 

3. Green chemical production processes:

·   Battolyser Systems 

·   Mattijs Slee 

4. Biotechnology focused on molecules and cells:

·   Leyden Labs 

·   Koenraad Wiedhaup 

5. Imaging technology:

·   Nicolab 

·   Merel Boers

6. (opto)Mechatronics (industrial systems/machines and equipment):

·   Nearfield instruments 

·   Hamed Sadeghian

7. Artificial intelligence (AI) and data:

·   Cradle 

·   Elise de Reus

8. Energy materials:

·   LeydenJar 

·   Christian Rood 

9. Semiconductors:

·   Axelera AI 

·   Fabrizio Del Maffeo

10. Cyber security:

·   Eclectic IQ 

·   Joep Gommers 

“Quantum has the potential to impact everything - from the development of new medication to the energy transition and (cyber)security.”, says Matthijs, ”The Netherlands can maintain her leading position in this field - if we do not let the opportunity go to waste”.

Matthijs Rijlaarsdam, CEO of QuantWare.

About QuantWare

QuantWare is the world’s leading designer and fabricator of superconducting quantum processors (QPUs). Leading the Quantum Open Architecture paradigm, QuantWare provides increasingly powerful and efficient quantum processors to organisations around the world and enables them to build quantum computers at a fraction of the cost. QuantWare’s patented Tenor technology provides a scaling platform to any qubit design and unlocks the fastest path towards systems with more than 1 million qubits. QuantWare has powered the first quantum computers in four countries, with customers in a total of 18 countries, spread over four continents.